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you know
when you hurt me inside
all i can do is cry
i want the best for the both of us
even if we have to say good bye
i wont forget our memories
we shared all the time
but i know for a fact
that you will forget their was a time
when thier was a you and i
i dont wanna go
for i love you more then you love me
but i guess it didnt matter how much i loved you
when you went up to me
looked me straight in the eye
and told me good bye

i wonder :/

i wonder in life
why girls have to do their hair and make up
so dam much
when they can find people who will like them for them
i dont understand some men
when they say they will always be their for you
but then walk away
but i can't complain becuase women do that to
but why must the world be so difficult
why can't be simple in life
why do you tell
a lie rathter then tell the truth
so you wont hurt their feelings
yea right
your hurting them even worse
dont say i love you
if you don't rally mean it on the inside
i just wonder about all the things in life 
and even more things
are inside my head when i think about this over and over again :/


I went to sleep last night,
Wondering in my head,
Why do you still love me,
After all ive done,
I caused so much pain,
You texted me last night,
And told me you loved me,
No other girl,
Can make u happyer then being with me,
Until next mroning,
I went to class,
Sat down and started to talk to a friend,
Here face was sad and don.t know why,
I asked her wats up,
And she told me about him,
 Werid i thought,
Same first name as my Ex
And same grade to,
When i went to break i asked her whats his last name,
 She told me *******************
She told me he txts her everynite and day,
She told me tat mario,
didnt want me to noe about their love affair,
Right at that moment,
I broke down and cryed,
I thought you loved me,
I relly did to,
But its ok because you got caught,
My heart is broken,
And trying to find someone,
To put together again,
I knew you were palying me from the start,
I was just to blind by love,
But its ok because you finally got caught....
*True Story* :/

End Of The Road

End of the road,
Is where we came across,
You told me goodbye,
When a little tear came out of my eye,
I thought you love me,
I thought you cared about me,
But i guess not,
You told me not to cry,
While i shut my eyes,
You hugged me close,
As i asked you why?
You told me if i ever told you,
You would never forgive me,
I wondered why,
You looked into my eyes,
And told me,
I feel in love with someone new,
As i let him go,
And cryed even harder,
You picked me up,
But i told you to leave,
You told me in my ear,
Im sorry and i love you,
But for us,
The end of the road,
Has came near

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