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i wonder in life
why girls have to do their hair and make up
so dam much
when they can find people who will like them for them
i dont understand some men
when they say they will always be their for you
but then walk away
but i can't complain becuase women do that to
but why must the world be so difficult
why can't be simple in life
why do you tell
a lie rathter then tell the truth
so you wont hurt their feelings
yea right
your hurting them even worse
dont say i love you
if you don't rally mean it on the inside
i just wonder about all the things in life 
and even more things
are inside my head when i think about this over and over again :/

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Posted on 02:26PM on Oct 17th, 2012
Life is NEVER going to be SIMPLE , life is MEANT to be HARD ...the SOONER u ACCEPT & REALIZE that ...the better OFF you're gonna BE bambie :}
Posted on 02:35PM on Oct 17th, 2012
i already know that but its something on my mind
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